China Steel material flexible membrane coupling disc coupling torque limiter device

Relevant Industries: Equipment Fix Retailers
Custom-made help: OEM, ODM
Composition: Disc
Versatile or Rigid: Versatile
Common or Nonstandard: Regular
Materials: Steel
Item name: Steel substance versatile membrane coupling disc coupling
Area Therapy: Anodizing
Type: Keyway sort Disc coupling
Exterior Diameter(D): 56mm
Max.bore: 20mm
Length: 45mm
Rated Torque: 25N.m
Max Torque: 50N.m
Certification: ROHS ISO9001:2008
Packaging Particulars: Normal export blank packing
Port: HangZhou

Metal substance versatile membrane coupling disc coupling

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limiter torque

Types of Torque Limiters

Regardless of the type of application, there are several types of torque limiters available. Some of these types include Ball detent limiters, Hydraulic torque limiters, and Magnetic torque limiters.

Ball detent limiter

Typically, the ball detent torque limiter is used in applications where precision is essential. For example, in packaging or textile applications, the detent can limit the amount of torque transmitted from the input gear to the output gear. In some applications, the torque limiter is a preferable option over a slip clutch.
The basic ball detent mechanism involves a series of metal balls encased in two circular plates. The balls are held in place by springs. In normal operation, the balls rest in sockets within a pressure flange. However, in an overload situation, the balls are forced out of the sockets and into the detents. The balls are then forced back into the sockets by the springs. This action continues until the overload is removed.
The ball detent torque limiter has a unique design that provides reliable overload protection. The balls are held in place by springs and the assembly rotates with the driven machine until an overload occurs.
The balls are sized to maintain a predetermined axial separation distance between the driving surface of the input gear and the detent surface of the backing plate. This axial separation distance is greater than the diameter of the primary balls. When an overload is sensed, the springs disengage the balls and the ball detent torque limiter releases the load.
In addition to the ball detent torque limiter, there are several other types of torque limiters. Some of them are simple shear pins or cam followers, while others are pneumatically engaged. These types of torque limiters can be used in conjunction with limit switches.
The ball detent torque limiter may be manually engaged when the over-torque condition is corrected. The limit switch can be manually activated or can be automatically triggered by a proximity sensor.
Torque limiters can be used to prevent physical injury to personnel and damage to sensitive equipment. They are available in various designs, including single-position and multi-position units. Many servo-driven axes are equipped with these devices. They are commonly used in mechanical wastewater treatment plants and in chain couplings.
Unlike other torque limiters, the ball detent torque limiter can accurately disengage at the preset torque value. It also has a more predictable response time than other types of torque limiters.

Magnetic torque limiter

Using a torque limiter in conjunction with a motor can be a tricky business. It requires an understanding of the mechanical gearbox and torque limiter and how they work together to reduce mechanical vibrations and achieve the correct torque levels.
A torque limiter is a simple device that transmits torque through magnetic interaction. It is a useful device for measuring and controlling the tightening of implantable medical devices such as screws and plates. Magnetic torque limiters offer several advantages over conventional devices, including increased durability and reliability. They can be sterilized and are easy to clean. In addition, they require little maintenance and are not prone to wear and tear.
Magnetic torque limiters have two main components: a handle with a cylindrical body and a mono-block shaft. The handle has an arm that enables it to be adjusted and the shaft has an arm bearing to make it movable. The handle may be used on shafts with different drive geometries.
The handle has a rotating collar that is indexed with ball detents to allow it to be adjusted. The collar is user-accessible and has the capacity to do more than just compress or extend the torque limit. It can also be used to change the gap between the two magnets in the handle.
The main component of the magnetic torque limiter is the handle, which includes a pair of magnets with opposing poles. This configuration has the magnetic effect of generating a torque from the magnetic hysteresis resistance of the magnets. The magnets are linked together by metal pins, which can be replaced.
The first pocket (4) is located on the first side of the cylindrical handle-body. The second pocket (5) is located on the second side. Both pockets contain at least one magnet, preferably a neodymium magnet. The pocket on the first side intersects the second pocket on the second side in the central through bore. The main objective of this pocket is to transmit the smallest possible torque from the input to the output.
The best way to find out how the magnetic torque limiter of the present invention performs is to put it to the test. Several tests have been conducted to determine its performance. The results show that it translates 24 Nm at a nominal speed of 2500 rpm from the input to the output.limiter torque

Hydraulic torque limiter

Using a Hydraulic Torque Limiter to protect equipment from excessive torque is beneficial in many applications. These devices are a safe way to maintain maximum torque in a power transmission system. They are available in many different types, and can be used in practically any application.
They are able to protect from excessive torque by controlling the flow of gas and hydraulic fluid in the drive system. They are used in various applications, such as conveyors, assembly lines, and industrial robots. They are used to protect equipment from overloads, and assure minimal downtime.
They are also used in applications where the driven device cannot absorb all of the output torque. The torque limiter transfers the torque from the driving shaft to the driven member. The torque limiter is also used to couple gears, sprockets, and other rotating bodies. The torque limiter transmits torque at a specified level, and stops transmitting when the torque exceeds a preset value.
Torque limiters are generally light-weight, and can be easily mounted. However, they can present a safety hazard to operating personnel. They are used in many different industries, including textile, woodworking, printing, and converting machinery.
The torque limiter is used to disconnect the inertia of the system from the jammed section, which prevents damage. In this instance, the limiter is placed as close as possible to the jam source.
Torque limiters operate by comparing the internal pressures in a hydraulic cylinder. When the pressures exceed a specified value, the torque limiter stops transmitting and begins disengaging the driven device.
These devices also allow for the use of smaller prime movers and less fuel. They can also be used to prevent stalling of the prime mover under heavy loads.
Torque limiters are available in a variety of sizes and are typically used in applications where the driven device cannot absorb all of the output torque. They are used in many industrial robots, conveyors, assembly lines, and printing and converting machinery.
Torque limiters are available in mechanical, hydraulic, and synchronous magnetic types. Some of them can tolerate continuous slip, but some are designed to slip at a specified torque value.limiter torque

CZPT Electric torque limiter

Whether you need an industrial clutch, electromagnetic brake, or torque limiter, CZPT Electric has a solution for you. This company offers the broadest range of industrial products and brakes, as well as customized solutions for your application. The company’s products are used across a wide range of industries, including material handling, crane and motion control, elevator and escalator, forklift, turf and garden, marine propulsion, and sewage pumps.
It has a large sales and distribution operation in North America, and is available in over 70 countries. The company’s products are designed to meet industrial demands for quality, performance, and reliability. Its line of Adjustable Torque Controls are designed to provide soft starting functions, as well as repeatable stops.
Torque limiters are used in many different industries, including steel mills, conveyor drives, process pumps, marine propulsion, and paper mills. They are designed to separate the load from the drive when an overload occurs. They offer both mechanical and electronic solutions, and are available in an open or closed design. They can operate at a range of 160 to 11,000 rpm. They also feature a shear neck, fail-safe, wedge-shaped construction, and clamping screws. They are available with RoHS compliant options, as well as CE certified.
These limiters also feature a proximity sensor target that can be used to switch off the drive after an overload. CZPT Electric has several models with full range torque control, which provides repeatable starts and stops. They can also be used with electrically released brakes. The company also offers a variety of clutch/brake combinations, including a wide selection of models with a ball detent or synchronous magnetic disconnect.
CZPT Electric’s products are manufactured to a high standard and are designed to meet the demands of today’s industrial applications. The company has a wide range of product catalogues available for browsing. You can find a list of available products and more information on the company’s website, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Product Catalogues” button at the bottom of the page.
China Steel material flexible membrane coupling disc coupling     torque limiter deviceChina Steel material flexible membrane coupling disc coupling     torque limiter device
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